Doc Drinkwater -




Doc Drinkwater isn’t your typical Contemporary Christian artist with a few stories and some faith. He has history in music stemming from 5 years old and passion for his beliefs and artistry that borders being epic! Upon receiving his first guitar at age 5 the relationship with music was initiated. Learning how to hone his skills over the course of his adolescent years he began playing in various bands during junior high. With roots in classic soul, funk, rock, and bluegrass he traveled the various forms of the art of guitar over his young adult life. After moving from home at a young age to the mid-west, God called to him unmistakably clear during another night as a struggling, rough around the edges, musician. He knew the path he was on was dangerous, and leading nowhere fast. He went back to Massachusetts and enrolled in Berkley’s College of Music. There he excelled and upon leaving jumped right into the music industry doing sales, marketing, and distribution.
He continued playing his eclectic mix of music throughout these years ranging from clubs and lounges to churches.  In 2004 he met Bill Chinnock and was enthused when Bill had agreed to produce and play on Doc’s first studio album “It’s Not Too Late”.  The album was spiritually inspired full of hope, emotions, tears, and faith and it was received well both locally and nationally.  After a few years Doc has devoted his writing and production to all of God’s glory and love and has released his second studio album titled Faithwalk.
With Faithwalk’s title track gaining ground as the go to track, and his album sales steadily increasing, the future is looking  brighter than ever.There’s new songs and a book in the works and a regional tour being planned, 2012 looks to be the strongest year yet of Doc’s life long passion in music.  With Jesus as his lord and savior, his unparalleled work ethic, and his amazing positive outlook, nothing stands between Doc Drinkwater and musical acclaim.  Stay tuned. You won’t want to miss out on this one!